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Mischief-Makers - Can You Identify



The Buckhorn Springs Golf Course has allowed our residents to fish in the ponds as long as the fisher folks are responsible and do not leave hooks, line, beverage containers and other associated trash on the banks or in the water. They also have allowed responsible acting folks to be on their property when golfers are not present. They are a good neighbor to the Buckhorn HOA as well as our residents and they deserve our respect regarding their property.

Unfortunately, some people do not show the respect the golf course and its member/players deserve. For several months now, some youth ride their bikes or walk/run across the course in front of players or get on the driving range while players are practicing. They even go to the club and try to take beverages/ice from the coolers providing it to the members. They sneak around the various buildings at the club.

Recently, they have also been riding their bikes on the greens causing damage to them. These are expensive repairs. They have taken the flag sticks from the cups on the greens and thrown them into the ponds as well as throwing other golf course devices into the ponds. Monday, they got on the green after members chipped their golf balls onto the green. They then used a hockey stick to knock the members’ golf balls off the green causing gouges in the turf of the green.

They have been approached by members and Buckhorn Springs staff who inform them of their misdeeds and that they are on PRIVATE PROPERTY, to cease and desist their devious actions and to leave the property and not come back. They are cordial when adults are close to them but as soon as they get a little distance away they let loose with a stream of obscenities. They also proclaim that “you can’t take my picture because I am a minor.” Today, they yelled to each other to “pull your shirt over your face”. They also proclaim that “you can’t do anything to me because I am a minor!”


Please help us to ID these youth and their friends. Are they your children? If so, is this how you have raised them to respect other peoples’ property and how to act with adults? Are they playmates with your children? Are they neighbors to you?

Please contact us with the desired information at or


Respectfully, Buckhorn HOA and Neighborhood Watch


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