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       The goal of the Buckhorn Homeowners Association Website is to be an online resource for our residents as well as the surrounding community. We have put together a unique blend of resources to inform, entertain and keep you updated on all events impacting our lives. Keep in mind that we are not a "managed community," but a group of your neighbors volunteering their time to make Buckhorn a great place to live! If you have any comments, suggestions or to volunteer, please email BEHA@buckhorn.us

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    Be Careful with Solicitors
      There is a knock at your door and someone is standing politely and a bit back from the entrance to your home. "Ma'am, we were in the neighborhood and . . . "

      Sound familiar? Is this the beginning of a good deal or the start of a very bad experience? Click here for information you need to know!

    Crime Watch
      Each of us needs to be aware of our surroundings and react to suspicious people/vehicles by notifying the Sheriff at 247-8200, non-emergency calls, or 911 if you witness a crime in progress. [See the October 2012 Newsletter for more information.]

      Good to Know: The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has a wonderful crime-map that can be used by residents, crime watch, HOA's and you!!

      Spring-Summer2016 Newsletter Published

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Active members list is now available for all homeowners who have paid their dues HERE. Thank you residents! Here is a form to use in paying your dues that are just $30 per year (two years for $55) - the best bargain in Tampa.