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Buckhorn Bunny Bonanza

The Buckhorn Homeowners Association held its Easter Egg Hunt at Buckhorn County Park on Saturday, April 19 at 11 a.m. It was great fun with nearly 1,000 plastic eggs with small toys inside that the children got to hunt. Paricipation was by age groups.

The Easter Bunny was on hand to greet children, and to be available for photos.

Games and refreshments were provided for the children and parents.

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Buckhorn College Scholarship

    Win a $500 scholarship for college!
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Mark Your Calendars!

    Upcoming Events in our Neighborhood

    Annual Meeting Tuesday, April 7 (T)
    We have been able to schedule our new District 4 County Commissioner, Stacey White, to speak at our Annual Membership Meeting.

    Please plan your calendars to attend.

Be Careful with Solicitors
    There is a knock at your door and someone is standing politely and a bit back from the entrance to your home. "Ma'am, we were in the neighborhood and . . . "

    Sound familiar? Is this the beginning of a good deal or the start of a very bad experience? Click here for information you need to know!

Crime Watch
    Each of us needs to be aware of our surroundings and react to suspicious people/vehicles by notifying the Sheriff at 247-8200, non-emergency calls, or 911 if you witness a crime in progress. [See the October 2012 Newsletter for more information.]

    Good to Know: The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has a wonderful crime-map that can be used by residents, crime watch, HOA's and you!!

    Fall-Winter 2014 Newsletter Published

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