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Got Space? Need Help!



We desperately need an 8 foot by 8 foot storage space immediately!

For some time now a generous Buckhorn resident has allowed your Buckhorn HOA to store our wooden Santa sleigh, two wooden reindeer and a Mr. & Mrs. Santa Throne Chair in a back corner of their garage.

The benevolent resident will be moving very soon to pursue their career in another state. They will be selling their home to another person who will be fortunate enough to move into our great neighborhood that we are all lucky to live in also.

We have an urgent need to find another space to store these five Christmas items that we use for Santa At The Park which follows our Annual Christmas Parade. They will require an area approximately 8 feet by 8 feet with an allowance for 7 feet in height. A rental unit will cost nearly $2,000 per year for an appropriate amount space.

Please consider if you have space in your garage as this resident did, or perhaps additional space in a rental storage area that you rent or even space at your work in a warehouse that you could allow your HOA volunteers to store these items that help young children really enjoy the Christmas season.

We need to hear from you now. Please contact your HOA at our new website, ASAP.

Thank You for your assistance!

Buckhorn Homeowners Association


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