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FREE Spay/Neuter Dogs - Hillsborough County

Operation Pit Stop to Spay/Neuter 500 Dogs in Hillsborough County

The County's Pet Resource Center and Humane Society of Tampa Bay are teaming up to get 500 dogs spayed or neutered at no cost to their owners.

The Pet Resource Center and Humane Society each will provide free spay and neuter services, microchips, vaccines, and registration for 250 dogs. The program, which runs from July 3 through Aug. 15, is for dogs of any breed over 40 pounds and also includes free heartworm testing.

Thanks to Wings of Rescue, residents who bring in their dogs to be spayed or neutered will be registered for a drawing for cash prizes; five winners will be given $1,000 each.

The goal of Operation Pit Stop is to spay and neuter bully breeds, with Pet Resources opening registration even wider to serve any large dog breed over 40 pounds, while also providing free heartworm testing.

Bully breed is a generic term used to identify a wide variety of dogs that includes pit bulls and other relatively large, muscular dogs. Bully breeds are often mistakenly thought of as innately aggressive, which can make them difficult to adopt out, leaving disproportionately large numbers of bully breeds at local shelters.

Those wanting to participate in Operation Pit Stop can make an appointment by calling the Pet Resource Center at 813-301-PETS (7387).


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