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Buckhorn HALLOWEEN EVENTS!! October 28

Hello, Fellow Buckhorn Residents,

This coming Saturday, October 28, Buckhorn HOA is making a special day for you and your families! Please plan to participate!

11:00 a.m. at Buckhorn County Park: Costume contest, games, refreshments, and a Haunted Egg Hunt! Please bring a bag to hold the eggs and your children's treats.

5:45 p.m. (NEW TIME) - Buckhorn's Halloween Parade! It starts at the Bloomingdale Avenue entrance and travels most streets in Buckhorn. Candy and candy-filled Haunted Eggs will be thrown to children. Please keep kids off the street. If you are interested in putting your Halloween-decorated vehicle in the parade, please contact us at BEHA@Buckhorn.Us .

October 23 to October 28 - VOTE for your favorite Buckhorn homes' best Halloween lights and decorations! Do so at www.Buckhorn.Us .

All the Haunted Best,

Buckhorn HOA Board of Directors


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