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Buckhorn Christmas Lights Winners

Buckhorn Neighbors,

Join us in congratulating Buckhorn's Christmas Lights winners for 2023! Our residents voted and these properties won. Thanks to everyone who decorated their homes!

Grand Prize $50 prize 2712 Sablewood Drive

North Winner $40 prize 2718 Berryknoll Place

South Winner $40 prize 2630 Crestfield Drive

Honorable Mention $30 prize 2709 Cedarcrest Place

Honorable Mention $30 prize 2512 Arborwood Drive

Honorable Mention $30 prize 2529 Brimhollow Drive

Honorable Mention $30 prize 3003 Sprawling Oaks

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

Buckhorn Homeowners Association Board


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